Star Wars IV 2.0

What to say what to do? Disney/Pixair getting this property was an ill omen, but then I had hope when Lawrence Kasdan was involved in the script. Alas, J.J. Abrams should be shot – no blindfold, no cigarette. I tried his Star Trek movie N number of times at random entry points and never ever got past the fifteen minute mark. So what do other people think of this money raping turgid piece of crap?

Here’s something from IMDB

Here’s a French couple with a somewhat lengthy review

And then there’s this guy trying to be provocative and trolling the fan bois

For  the record, I thought Rey saved the movie about as much as it could be saved. As far as TV superheroes go, I would recommend Supergirl as the most compelling superhero for many reasons.

George Lucas chimes in:  “And I sold them to the white slavers that take these things and. …”


Here’s how you end a thread on an AV Forum:

The real dark side here is that if something this poorly done can generate these bucks, imagine what the future looks like.




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